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I think its a good thing to share this wonderful testimony because am so happy now, i have been married for four years, with two kids, and a lovely husband, i was having a sweet family, until when things started getting sour, my husband started coming home late at night, started ignoring my feelings and needs, i later found out that he was having an affair with with another woman, this was tearing my family apart as my children was been affected a lot, i didn't know what to do, my heart was so saddened, until i came in contact with Dr.Nizula, a spell caster, on a marriage website, i told him about my problems in my family, he told me he is going to fix my family and bring back my husband if only i could provide what will be needed, i did as he asked and he fixed my family for me and my husband broke up with the lady and came back home and asked for forgiveness, am so so happy today, i cant hide this but share the good news,

Added: April 10, 2016
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Doctor accepted our invitation and visited our home and dinned with my entire family members, it was feast that no one will ever forget. He performed some miracle and healed my father-in-law who lost his sight many years ago. Dr. Wakina cleansed my womb and blessed it with children. Everybody present that day was blessed before he briefly left.
It’s 2 months now and every of his work on us has manifested, several testimonies has been shared. I was recently confirmed pregnant ;). I can’t thank him enough for his awesome gifts to us, we are all happy and grateful to him. Thank you Sir once again. I will name my baby after Dr. Wakina. ;) He email still remain:

Added: April 8, 2016
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I want to use this medium to tell the world about Dr Miracle, who helped me in getting my lover back with his powerful spell, my ex and i where having misunderstanding which led to our breakup though i went to beg him several times to please forgive and accept me back because i knew i offend him but each time i went i always feel more deeply in pain and agony because he always walk out on me and would not want to listen to what i have to tell him but on one faithful day as i was browsing i came arose a testimony of a woman whose problem was worse than mine and yet Dr Miracle, helped her with his spell so i was happy and also contacted Dr Miracle, for help via email (MIRACLESPELLHOME@YAHOO.COM)

Added: March 30, 2016
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People! Please beware of all these spell testimonies on guestbook,they are all spam and promoted by scams...they pose to be what they are not and rip people off their hard earn money. I have fallen victim to them before and have lost massively about $ 4500.

spells are for real but its hard to come by a real spell caster...I recommend only one spell caster who I ran into by luck,he solves virtually any problem with his voodoo spells and requires money from nobody, his spells are authentic,he helped me cure my re-occurring migraine which was a great nightmare to me and also gave my friend a good paying job..he is the one I trust.

Try him out!

His email:


Added: March 19, 2016
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I am SMITH ADAMSON from Australia...I am giving this testimony to affirm that spells are real.
I still remember as though it was yesterday,I lost weight,I couldn't feed well,my internal system was degenerating gradually and so i was always carried like a baby.....I had been diagnosed to have the HIV/AIDS virus,I had no option but patiently waited for death
I happened to get some info about this particular spiritualist called PRIEST OTIGBA is real despite the influx of fake spell casters on the cyber network. I was really in a desperate situation so I had to contact him.
World! I am happy to say that after some days of contacting PRIEST OTIGBA I went for a check up and my results were negative..I couldn't believe it OMG!.. People this spell caster is so real ! do contact him on his email ( with your problems and I can beat my chest saying, you will have a testimony to tell.

Added: March 19, 2016
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Hello am a spell caster who can help you do many thing like
1) Have promotion in anything you do
2)Earn a good money
3)Success in business
4)spiritual problems
5)win court case
6)You want to be promoted in your office.
(7)You want women/men to run after you.
(8)If you want a child.
(9)You want to be rich.
(10)You want to tie your husband/wife to be
yours forever.
(11)If you need financial assistance.
(12)How you been scammed and you want to recover you lost money.
(13)if you want to stop your divorce.
(14)if you want to divorce your husband.
(15)if you want your wishes to be granted.
email me at (

Added: March 12, 2016
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OMG!! This is certainly a shocking and a genuine Testimony..I visited a forum here on the internet on the 26TH OF FEBRUARY 2016, And i saw a marvelous testimony of this powerful and great spell caster called (DR Abu) on the forum..I never believed it, because i never heard nor learnt anything about magic before.. Not a soul would have been able to influence me about magical spells, not until (DR Abu) did it for me and restored my marriage of 2 years back to me and brought my spouse back to me in the same 24 hours just as i read on the internet..i was truly astonished and shocked when my husband knelt down begging for forgiveness and for me to accept him back.. I am really short of expressions, and i don't know how much to convey my appreciation to you (DR Abu) you are a God sent to me and my entire family.. And now i am a joyful woman once again.. here is his website: Email:(abuspellcaster@gmail,com) Mrs Miller from Canada

Added: March 12, 2016
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I was hurt because all my effort to be a good wife was in vein. I almost lost hope until I found Dr. Wakina via ( The spiritual father showed me compassion after doing some reading with the info I provided. Story short; Dr. Wakina cast the love spell and changed my husband, he made him a better man and distanced all his secret lovers. Dr. Wakina also cast a spell that gave me job in my area, I was paid double compared to the previous job. I am happy to have a united family, it couldn’t be possible without the effort of Dr. Wakina.

Added: March 10, 2016
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good day everyone on this site i have a testimony to share about my wife left home for
two years to south Africa for a tourist, where she meant this guy
and she was bewitch by the guy my wife refuse to come back
home again, i cry day and night looking for who to help me, i
read a comment on the internet about a powerful spell caster called
Dr. aziga From west african
and i contacted the spell caster to help me
get my wife back to me and he ask me not to worry about
anything that the oracle we fight for me.. he told me by mid-night
when all the spirit is at rest he will cast a spell to reunite my
wife back to me. and he did, in less than 3 days my wife
came back to me and started crying that i should forgive her,
am so happy for what this spell caster did for me and my wife.
here,his email address if you need his
help {} contact him immediately your problem we be solved.

Added: February 21, 2016
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My ex husband and I were together for almost 3 years, recently before my birthday, he left me for someone else and ended all contact with him. Things were okay between us until a random girl involved and stole him away from me. I have been miserable and devastated from the second he left my life. I love him and wished to spend my whole life with him.
I got in touch with dr. wakina via {} after I read several testimony, I pleaded to him with tears if there is any way to get back my ex husband before he will be gone for ever. Doctor Wakina cast the spell the moment he finished his readings. The love and prosperity spell worked perfectly as described by Doctor Wakina and the random girl left. Praises to dr. wakina for giving me another chance to love and be loved. We are good now. Seize this opportunity that doesn’t come often to email dr. wakina via {}.

Added: February 13, 2016
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